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Yes i am still here

Yes I am still here and have not taken a turn for the worse. Things are about the same as I never really get a chance to recope before they start another round of chemo. At the end of round 3 now and at this point my hemoglobin drops as the bone morrow has not really recouped from the last round of chemo. As soon as it stabilizes they will start a 4th round of chemo after which time they will eventually do another bone morrow which I have not had since the end of round 1. Hopefully what they have been doing get some positive results. The fist round was very effective so hopefully the last three will also be doing the job.

I have not really been posting, as it seems that things are not exactly positive things at this point and I had to post negative things again and again. I will say this much however - - it really gets depressing on occasions and often think to myself, is this as good as it gets? I don’t think that is the case but that thought goes through my mind. I don’t see but a very few friends as now that I am out of the hospital and at home they think that all is back to normal which is not that case so it gets a bit lonely. I saw more people when I was in the hospital then I do now that I am home. But it it is much better at home than in the hospital. Not as expensive either.

When my white count is down I try to stay away from any crowded areas. Going to movies on occasion at 11:30 AM when no one is there during the week just to get out of the house.

My best friends Carl and sue headed out on wed to San Francisco and will be back on Monday. I am really going to miss them when they head to the west coast in June and not return until Sep. Hopefully things will have stabilized out by that time that I can actually do a limited amount of traveling. I am not sure if I am going to fly or just take my time driving, as there are places alone the way to the West Coast that I would like to see. My good friends Jesus and Paul from Albuquerque are coming to KC in a few weeks. No schedule is set as yet but it will be great to see them. Jesus took the time and expense to fly to KC when I was in the hospital which was very special to me as well as a surprise visit from notdefined,
mh58 when I was in the ICU. I was still kind of out of it at the time and could not really talk that well but my mind remembered I remember how special that visit was. I think that was shortly after a time when there was a question if I was going to make it or not. I guess I was in much worse shape there than I realized. $179,000 later i was transfered to KU Med Center.

So again I have not been posting that much as I think that people get tired of hearing how my life is pretty much going to the clinic getting blood and then chemo. As I said I just got tired of reading what I would post as it seemed to negative.

I sometimes don’t realize how much better I am now compared to what I was at the end of Feb. So I guess I have to say I am better.

I guess I should after spending amot $700,000 bucks. I didn't spend that much and the insurance company adjusted that price but if I had not insurance I would pretty much be out of luck.

Hope all is well out there in LJ land.

Sounds of Spring

Woke up to the sound of thunder this morning. Love to hear that sound and be able to stay in bed and listen to the rain. I rolled out of bed and made some coffee and now I am waiting for Kevin and his partner to get their Asses out of bed so I can prepare breakfast. It is ready to go as the coffee is done and the French toast is ready to put on the skillet.

Kevin will be leaving about 9:30 as he has a dental appointment and then they head back to Wichita. The Rain has stopped but the sound of thunder still fills the air. It sounds like spring.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

Happy Easter to Everyone

It was a busy day yesterday (Sat) My sister from central Kansas was here for the weekend arrived last Thursday. We went to several museums here in the KC area and then finally came home and crashed. I was tired. One of the places we visited is one of the only working stagecoach stations on the Santa Fe Trail. It is the Mahaffie Farm.

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My sister headed back home this morning so I stripped the beds and did laundry and am heading out to some friend (old co-workers) for dinner and then back home as I have guests coming for the night from Wichita. Kevin and his partner are going to spend the night. Kevin has a dental appointment tomorrow and then they will head back to Wichita.

I hope you all had a nice Easter.

Back to the Clinic today

Heading to the outpatient clinic today hopefully my blood work will continue to show positive results. I am not scheduled for treatment today so I don’t plan on having to stay for either blood or platelets. Hopefully I will have the weekend away from there.

My sister is coming to KC for the weekend and should arrive about 11 AM today. Assuming I am out of the clinic by then I plan to take her to the Nelson Gallery to see the new Native American Exhibit and then have lunch there at the gallery. She will be heading back home on Sunday morning. Sunday evening my friend Kevin and his partner are going to be here for the night. They live in Wichita and will be heading back to Wichita on Monday. Kevin is going to his mom’s for dinner and then has a dental appointment on Monday.

Should be a warm day here in Kansas City and tomorrow they have forecast rain which is good as my sister who lives here in Kansas City got my pre emergent put down on my lawn so the rain will be welcome.

Was nice to finally meet mrdreamjeans

It I a nice spring day here in Kansas City. mrdreamjeans arrived to the house before noon and we chatted here for a while then went to lunch. He is now heading north on I-35 to Minneapolis. I wished he could have stayed longer as I would have enjoyed taking him around KC. It has changed a lot since he was last here.

Click on images to enlarge

It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this is what it looked like here in KC

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Now the snow is gone and it is pushing 78 today. As I had mentioned a robin has decided to take up residence in a wreath that is located on my front porch. True the wreath is a bit out of season as it is a fall decoration but as I was not home most of the winter I didn’t get a chance to take it down. There are no eggs in the nest as yet but I have noticed a robin flying back and forth from the nest to the yard so I am pretty sure that there will be eggs in not too long.

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I am now just doing a few things around the house and waiting from my sister to arrive after she gets off work. She is going to put pre emergent down on my lawn. I may have time to take a walk before she gets here.

a visit from an LJ friend

Was going to take down a wreath, which is on the front porch. Was more of a fall thing but a robin has decided to take up residence so will wait until the eggs hatch and the young ones fly away. This is the 4th time I have had a family of robins reside on my porch.

I am also waiting for the arrival of mrdreamjeans
who is traveling back to Minneapolis from Texas. He is stopping by to say hi on his way through KC. Wish he could stay a bit longer so I could show him around KC a bit but I am sure he is planning on making it back to Minneapolis today. Or perhaps he will spend the night. I don’t know but I will find out..

I don’t have to go to the clinic today and the weather is beautiful.
Did a bit of house cleaning this morning and now relaxing awaiting mrdreamjeans arrival. He called when he got off the turnpike in Emporia KS about 10 and it is now 10 so he should be arriving soon.

Hope that you are all having a good week.

Platelets are up again (this is good)

Headed to the outpatient clinic this morning for blood work and found that my platelet count had gone up from 20 to 58. This is a good thing. When I was in the hospital they would give me 2 units of platelets and my count would go up to about 20 and then the next day they were back down to about 10. In this case my bone morrow is making them and I doubt that I have had a count of 58 in some time. My hemoglobin has also stayed about the same and thus I didn’t have to get either blood or platelets. I don’t go back to the clinic until Thursday morning and no treatment time is scheduled. Just having blood work and meeting with the nurse practitioner.

I don’t know yet when the Dr is going to schedule another bone morrow but I am sure it will be in the not to distant future. Then we will know more and btw this procedure hurts.

One of the biggest things I am dealing with is bills. I hate to admit it but I helped out a friend with some money and he has not paid me back. We are not talking about small change either more in the tune of $17,000 bucks. I was way to trusting. I have not seen any of it back as yet but he did call me over the weekend and said that he would have money for me in two week. I hope that it i more than a check for $100 bucks. We will see about that. Damn they just keep coming in - - it is never ending. Got one for $4007 the other day and hopefully this will go towards my max out of pocket expenses. Had I no insurance my hospital bills (this does not count the endless bills I am getting from Doctors) is $179,000 from St. Joe Hospital ICU and two bills from KU of $290,000 and $80,000. Now the bills from KU will be adjusted with a discount from Blue Cross of Kansas City so you can see what can happen to some one that has no insurance. And people are complaining about a change in our Health Care system.

I am not sure what I am going to do the remainder of the day. I do have some errands to run. The weather is going to be really nice this week - - approaching 80 degrees F. So I guess spring has finally arrived to KC.

Again want to thank all of you out there in LJ land for you well wishes as it means a lot to me. As I can’t really go out and about that much to crowded areas and people who came to see me in the hospital for some reason have this assumption that now that I am home I am back to normal so I pretty much don’t see or hear from many people. My sister is coming to KC on Thursday - - not to take care of me but just to come down until Sunday morning and then my good friend Kevin is coming to KC this coming weekend and is going to stay here sun night and head back to Wichita on Sunday morning.
Another free day away from the clinic. I had blood work drawn at 8 AM and my platelet count had gone up to 20 which is the highest is has been in months. Even when they have given me a unit of platelets they have not been up that high. This is Good! Also my hemoglobin maintained and thus I did not need either platelets or blood so I get to leave and have the weekend off. This could be a sign that my bone morrow is building itself back up and doing what it is supposed to do.

After I got out the clinic I headed to COSTCO as I was about out of Milk and while there I could not fine either my COSTCO card or one of my credit cards but I found them at home by my desk top computer. That was a relief. Then it was off to the pharmacy to get some needles for my insulin pen which they did not have so I walked up to the ward where I was in the hospital and I was in luck - - on of my favorite nurses was there and she gave me a supply of the needles and looked up the 800 number that I could give my Pharmacy such that they could order them.
They should be here on Monday.

It was then off to see my good friend Bridget at the body shop that she and her husband own east of down town and we went to Harold’s to get a cheese burger and a diet coke. A cool little dinner in not such a great part of town which may be on Dives and Dinners if any of you watch that show. Most excellent cheeseburgers.

Headed home from there and went over to meet my friend Marilyn Ameche and we took a walk. Home now and doing a bit of this and that around the house and going over to my friends Carl and Sue for dinner this evening.

got away from the clinic early

Yesterday I headed to the clinic for blood work and as my platelets count had gone up a bit and my hemoglobin had not dropped that much I didn’t have to stay. I wanted to do some walking and as it was raining I decided to head to the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery to walk there. There were some exhibits that I had not seen and it was a great pace to walk. I also had lunch while I was there. Some pictures from the gallery

Click on Images to Enlarge

After the gallery I headed to Sam’s Club to get some synthetic oil for my car and then headed to Molle Toyota to have the oil change after which I went over to my friends Carl and Sue to help them finish off their left over’s.

I have today off from the clinic and had intended to get some housework done and laundry. About 5 min after I got up the power went out and was out for about one hour so that put me a bit behind. I did get some housework done and the laundry is in the dryer. It is a cold grey day here so after the laundry is dry I think that I am going to head down to the AMC Main Street Theater to see “Green Zone”

Had the Day Off for a Change

Went to see Alice in Wonderland in Imax 3D this afternoon and then walked from my house down to my friends Larry and Marilyn Ameche (Don Ameche’s son) who live about 6 block from me Much of it down hill. Meant I had to walk up hill on the way home. Now heading over to my friend Carl and Sue’s for dinner and watch Blind Side. The weather today is fantastic.